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Your Clothing Size...

...does NOT determine your worth.

Read that again.


The other day when I went to Target (because where else would I be?), I was on a mission to find this super cute puff sleeve sweatshirt that's in the photo that I've seen all the bloggers wearing. Typically I'm a medium, sometimes a large depending on the store. I grabbed a medium and a large - and neither one fit the way that I wanted them too. The medium was a little too tight. The large fit okay, but I wanted it to be a little oversize so I could do my 'trendy tuck' that I like to do. I had to size up to an XL? EXTRA large? I don't think I'm extra large, am I? This one little thing sent me into a frenzy. "But I'm eating right." "But I'm working out." "But my clothes have been fitting better lately." I had to talk myself down and remind myself that a clothing size is just that - a clothing size.

Girl, the size on the tag does NOT determine your worth. It doesn't tell you how many people's lives you've touched. It doesn't tell you how big of an impact you've made on others. It doesn't show the love that you give, or the effort you put into all of your relationships. One body type is not better than another body type. We were not all made to look the same. The size of your clothing means NOTHING, and I hope you remember that. In case no one's told you today, YOU are beautiful.

That being said, this sweatshirt IS super cute and I'm happy that I sized up to an XL. Head to the 'Shop My Looks' page to check out the exact item.



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