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The Shorts I'll Be Wearing All Summer

I don't know about you, but I haven't worn shorts in YEARS. I will sweat my butt off in jeans all summer to avoid having to wear shorts. Not only do I tend to be self conscious in them (wearing shorts = seeing the cellulite I have on my thighs) but they're also usually really tight on my thighs. I have muscular, thick thighs so shorts never seem to fit me right.

Well, this year is different. I found THE holy grail of shorts! They're the Abercrombie Curve Love High Rise 4 Inch Mom Shorts. They're so comfortable, have some stretch but keep their shape and they aren't tight on your thighs at all. There's room in your legs but they aren't oversized - they're seriously so flattering! I ordered one pair to see if I liked them, and now that I know I love them I'll be ordering more!

You can shop them here!

Great length!

High rise!

Great booty coverage and not too tight!

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