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Skincare Favorites

Hi everyone! I posted this on my Instagram stories yesterday, but wanted to make a blog post for people to refer back to!

I've always struggled with breakouts and oily skin. I've tried everything in the book - from prescription acne medications to drugstore skincare to super expensive products like Rodan + Fields. I found that with a lot of acne products it would strip your skin of it's natural moisture, which isn't good for your skin, plus I would have to overcompensate and add a ton of moisturizer, which clogged my pores.

I saw a lot of bloggers using Tula, and I really trust a lot of their opinions. I've been using it for a few months now and I am absolutely a believer. My face is clear, more even toned, less oily, and so smooth. Below are some of my favorite products by them!


These are the products that I use every morning and night - the Tula Keep It Clear Acne Foaming Wash, Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner, Tula Breakout Star Acne Moisturizer, and the Tula Glow & Get It Brightening Eye Balm. The acne wash is AMAZING - it makes my face feel so clean, hydrated, and it cleared up my face and has kept it clear for months. It doesn't make my face feel dry like most acne washes. After that I use the toner, and then apply 1-2 pumps of the moisturizer. It's so lightweight and leaves my face feeling so smooth and hydrated but not greasy! I apply the eye balm last, and it helps with dark circles, fine lines, and cools and brightens under my eyes!


These are the holy grail of spot treatments. The Tula Go Away Spot Treatment and the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion will clear up a pesky pimple OVERNIGHT. Honestly! If I do get an occasional breakout I put this on before bed and wake up with a clear face.


I've seriously tried probably hundreds of face masks in my day (mostly the single use ones that you can buy at Target) but invested in these and haven't had any regrets. the Tula Detox In a Jar Exfoliating Mask and the Self Care Sunday Nourishing Mask are GAME CHANGERS. I use the detox mask first, which gets off all of the dead skin and built up dirt on your face - then I apply the nourishing face mask and when I wipe it off, my face is SO SMOOTH. The next day when I put my makeup on it goes on so well and looks amazing!

I hope you found this blog post helpful - I would 10000% recommend Tula to anyone, and I truly wouldn't recommend anything that I don't fully believe in. They have tons of other products, or if you aren't sure what you should buy, take their Skin Quiz! If you want to try it with 20% off, you can use my referral code:!

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