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Postpartum Outfit Essentials

I had a few followers reach out to me about postpartum outfits after seeing my "postpartum" highlight on Instagram. If you weren't here during the first few months after I had Sofia, I was very open about what a hard time I was having mentally and emotionally. Not only was I extremely emotional, but I was also depressed and had a really hard time accepting my "new" body.

Eventually I started feeling better, and I also had to find new ways to dress my body. The first couple of months postpartum was the hardest for me.

I put together some essentials that helped me start to feel better in my clothes - camis with compression, smoothing undies, jeans a size up, light compression leggings, and flown tops and dresses.

I had Sofia in September so a lot of the postpartum outfits I have saved to my Instagram highlight are for the fall/winter, but I'm working on putting together some outfits for summer, too.

Please know if you're struggling you aren't alone! It was such an amazing but also hard time for me. I'm here if you ever need to talk! I hope the things that helped me help you, too. 💓

To shop anything in these graphics, click here.

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