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Honest Reviews: the Olive & June Everything Box + Nail Polish

I'm so excited for this blog post, because I had an overwhelming amount of people on my Instagram ask for an honest review of this! A few months ago, I started seeing Olive & June pop up on my Instagram- they're a super cute nail polish brand based out of CA, and "your BFF for all things nails." I love their brand and their aesthetic, so I finally bit the bullet and decided to try their nail polish.

I did a LOT of reading before ordering this, because I feel like a lot of nail polishes over promise and under deliver. I've tried basically everything from the cheaper brands to the higher end brands, and nothing really ever stays on my nails without chipping. The reviews on the Olive & June nail polishes were amazing, people raved about them. After a couple weeks of doing research and going back and forth, that's when I finally ordered.

After checking out the different options, I opted for their Everything Box - it comes with everything you need for a salon quality manicure, plus 6 nail polish colors. They also have a Studio Box, which comes with everything you need for a salon quality manicure + 1 nail polish. The hardest part was deciding which colors I wanted! There are so many different ones to choose from, from pastels, to sheers, to dark colors.

When my Everything Box arrived, I was SO excited! Their packaging is seriously adorable.

It comes with a buffer, a nail file, nail clippers, a clean up brush, nail polish remover, the "Poppy," which helps when painting your nails, and their award winning cuticle serum. This is one of the things that I was most excited for, because my cuticles really needed some love.

Before starting my nails, I checked out Olive University - a series of videos on the Olive & June website on topics like The Basics, Your Kit, the Perfect O&J Mani At Home, The Details, The Maintenance, and How-To's. These are all SO helpful! I love that this company is so invested in following through with their promise of helping you get the perfect salon mani at home.

I asked my sister to come over and help me test the Everything Box out so I could get her opinion on it, too. It's also way easier to take pictures with 2 people!

First, I prepped her nails according to the instructions that were in the box.

I clipped, filed, and buffed them to perfection! After that, I did apply a base coat (I used OPI) just so her nails don't get stained.

I used the Poppy as suggested - it's their patented, universal polish bottle handle that makes painting your own nails easier & faster. It helps with getting more control and even strokes - and let me tell you, it really does work! When painting the nails, they suggest doing a lighter first coat, and then a thicker second coat.

I've used a LOT of different nail polishes, and when using this one I was extremely impressed. It goes on so well, and even when I did a thick coat, it didn't bubble like most nail polishes do. Even the higher end brands like Essie have bubbled when using too thick of a coat, so this was awesome to see (side note: this is a totally comparable price to Essie! Olive & June is $8 a bottle).

I didn't have to worry about the messiness on the side of her nails (as you can see below), thanks to the handy clean up brush that's included in the box.

After I cleaned up her nails and applied the top coat, we were done. They came out so good!

After her nails, I also did my own, and then my best friend's! I am seriously blown away by this box. It has everything I need, the nail polish colors are so cute, and they are QUALITY. I would absolutely recommend this brand. Even if you don't want to buy the full box, the nail polishes themselves are great. It totally beats getting a gel manicure that costs you $30-$40 every couple weeks.

Check back in a week or so to see how our nails are holding up - it's been 4 days and mine are going strong! They usually chip after a few days with other polish, so even this long without chips is impressive. Most people can go 1-2 weeks without chips in the reviews that I've read - sometimes longer if they reapply the topcoat.

Let me know if you end up trying this product and how you like it- I always love hearing what other people think of the products I review!

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