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Honest Reviews: the Billie razor

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

It's so interesting how much we value other people's recommendations. A friend can recommend me a product that she uses and loves, and since I trust her, I immediately want to try it. Well, I am here to be that friend for you, and be the guinea pig to testing popular products!

First up- the Billie razor. You've seen the ads, right? A razor shaving a very large, long patch of hair...haha! Sort of gross, but effective. Their website boasts a sharper razor, a smoother shave, and a more affordable price, at half the cost of the competition. Plus, they deliver replacement razor heads right to you, so you never have to worry about running out again. What I want to know- does it stand up to the hype?

I ordered my Billie razor, and was impressed with the cost - $9 for the razor with a razor head already on it, a replacement razor cartridge, and a magnetic holder for your razor. You could pick your color (I obviously picked blush), and then you choose how many times a week you shave, so that they know the frequency to send you razors. The options were every day (with delivery once a month), a few times a week (delivery every two months), or once a week (delivery every three months). They do send four replacement razors with every shipment, so I picked a few times a week. You can also add shaving cream for $8, or a travel case for $5, but I opted to skip those for the initial order. Another great feature? There's always free shipping.

I received my Billie razor within a few business days, and was super impressed with the fast shipping. The packaging was so cute! It came in this cute little box with the starter kit and some instructions on setting up the Billie handle (the magnetic holder).

Guys, I am SO impressed with the quality of this razor. It's totally comparable to a Venus razor, if not even sharper. I have dark, thick Italian leg hair (sorry for the visual...lolll) and it shaved it in one pass, and left my legs and underarms silky smooth.

I would 100% recommend this razor! I was definitely skeptical because I've tried so many- Venus, Target and Walmart brands, Flamingo (a new brand at Target), and this by far is the best one. Plus I love that they send you refills for WAY cheaper than buying them at the store. You'll never be left with a dull razor again!

I hope you enjoyed this honest review - trust me, I wouldn't recommend anything that I wouldn't actually use (or do use!) myself. Let me know what else you want me to review in the comments below!

Buy your Billie here:

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