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Baby Registry Recommendations

Registering for a baby (especially as a new parent) is so overwhelming - which is why I'm so thankful for all of you for giving me so many recommendations!

I've put together a list of ALL of your recs - a lot of things were recommended multiple times, so they must be good! If I couldn't find the exact brand that was suggested, I tried to find something similiar. You know Target is my store of choice, so most of the links below are from there.

Most Recommended (3+ recommendations):

Honorable Mentions:

Other Tips:

  • Register for things baby might not need right away, but will grow into eventually - like a high chair, bouncer chair, activity table, etc.

  • Keep the boxes the big items came in so when you're done with them, you can pack them away until you may need them again.

I hope this was helpful - I know it was for me! I'm going to keep updating this as I get more recommendations and tips from other mamas, so check back for more.

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